Take Advantage of your EQUITY and Refinance your Home

Pay off all your debts

With a Debt Consolidation Refinance, you consolidate all your debts in one single payment. Our Loan Consolidation Calculator helps you decide whether or not is beneficial for you.

Eliminate Mortgage Insurance

Some homeowners who have enough property appreciation or principal paid off will not be required to pay mortgage insurance which will reduce your total monthly payment.

Taking Cash-Out

With rising home values, you may have enough equity to take out a cash-out refinance. This money can be used to finance home improvements, pay off debts, or fund large purchases.

Cash Out for Home Improvements

Use money from a Cash-Out Refinance for any upgrade you want to make such as the new kitchen or new paint, an extra bedroom, adding a pool, etc.

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“Sergio was very helpful, knowledgeable and very honest. He got to work and advertised the property immediately after signing the consent to sell. Everything went smooth and as planned.”

Omar Jimenez

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Sergio Velasco

Sergio Velasco

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Professional with vast experience in loans for home buying, refinancing, home equity, and passion for helping home buyers, owners, and flip-up investors learn more about loan options. Known as an innovative thinker with strong residential, FHA, VA, and Commercial Mortgage. Skilled at educating my customers about renovation financing, home buying, and refinancing solutions, as well as jumbo, adjustable rate, and reverse mortgage.


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